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HawberriesThe Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners (URHP) is a leading international register of professional herbal practitioners.

URHP members utilise the modern, scientific understanding of herbs, as well as drawing on the vast knowledge of traditional herbal usage, used worldwide for thousands of years.

This means that, in undertaking treatment with a URHP Herbal Practitioner, you are getting the best of both worlds, ancient and modern, and thus the best possible treatment. It is this appreciation of old and new that makes the URHP unique as a register. [ Learn more ]

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URHP Annual Conference and AGM - 3rd to 5th June 2016

Speakers for this years' AGM are:

Dr Edward Thompson

Dr Edward Thompson is both a medical doctor and a herbalist. He is one of our very own, being a member of the URHP.  He is a seasoned speaker who thoroughly engages his audience with his eloquent and very articulate style of communication.  He makes it easy to understand many of the complexities of integrated health and medicine and it is a great pleasure to have him as our key speaker for this years’ main lecture.

The talk is entitled: 'An Integrated Approach to Mental Health'. Edward will include the following subjects:

  • Western medical diagnosis and approach to mental health including a particular focus on depression, anxiety and stress.
  • A pharmaceutical approach in terms of understanding as well as discussing drug and herb interactions.
  • An integrated herbal approach which will use an understanding of traditional, energetic and modern scientific paradigms of herbal medicine.
  • Diet, lifestyle, and psychological therapies.
  • Western Red flag symptoms and when to refer.
  • Interplay between herbal medicine and other CAM therapies in managing mental health conditions.
URHP members

URHP members will be speaking in turns to give us more insights into their own practices. It will be interesting to see and hear how some of our members use their own skills, knowledge and specialities to practice in their own particular way using herbal medicine and anything else that encompasses natural healing.

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Thriving as Herbalists - Building our strength as a profession - 19th November 2016

How can we better promote what we do to the public?
How can we support each other as herbalists?

These are some of the vital questions that will be addressed at this EHTPA conference which aims to generate a range of practical ideas and initiatives to advance the scope and profile of herbal practice. These proposals can subsequently be utilised by individual herbal practitioners, Professional Associations and/or the EHTPA.
Speakers Simon Mills and Anita Ralph will provide food for thought to engender active discussion throughout the break-out sessions that form the backbone of this conference. In addition, Lucy Jones will give a presentation on marketing your herbal practice.

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Matthew Woods Seminar, June 2012: CD Now Available

Matthew Woods DVD CoverThis set of two DVDs includes over 4½ hours of viewing packed with great insights from the well-known American herbalist, Matthew Wood. In this lecture given in June 2012, he explains his unique approach to herbalism incorporating aspects from the classics right through to modern theories of western herbal medicine. This combined with his many years of practice and acute observation result in an inspiring talk with a wealth of information that can be readily used in our practices. He explains the six tissue state and Greek energetic medicine and ends with a look at the great herbs for female conditions from the Native American tradition.

This DVD was recorded at the joint conference of the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners and the Association of Master Herbalists.

Price: £15 including P&P. Order now.

Becoming a Member

Our herbal practitioners have trained extensively in order to meet the high standards the URHP requires for membership. We accept qualifications that are approved by the European Herbal Practitioners Association and are in line with the Regulatory Working Group on Herbal Medicine as a minimum standard.

If you would like to become a member of the URHP, please click here for more information.