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The URHP is a professional association and register of qualified herbal practitioners. It is unique in that it embraces the diversity of the herbal world, with members trained in different herbal traditions: Western Herbal Medicine, Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Tibetan Medicine and Unani Tibb.

Latest News and Events

URHP Conference 2022

As all our members know, we positively thrive on the variety and knowledge held within our membership, while also welcoming herbal wisdom from other Registers. This was clearly evident at our wonderful summer conference this year, held at The Purley Chase Centre, a haven of glorious surroundings with Nature abundant everywhere. We welcomed external speakers Andrew Mason and Christine Herbert, alongside our own members, Dr Andrew Patterson, Liz Lyden, Barbara Wilkinson, John Smith and Sandra O’ Neill ...

To find out more about what we did at this year's fabulous conference, click here.

Herbal Alliance

At the end of 2019, Sebastian Pole, member of the APA, RCHM and honorary member of the URHP, reached out to all the heads of the herbal practitioner’s associations in the UK, to organise a 'Unity Day' with an objective to focus on our connectedness as a herbal community, to coordinate our efforts together to raise awareness and build confidence in the safety, efficacy and sustainability of herbal medicine as well as creating a unifying voice. [ Read more ]

Lucy Jones has had her book published: 'Self Sufficient Herbalism'

Self Sufficient Herbalism is the first ever practical guide to the growing, gathering, and preserving of medicinal herbs for a working dispensary. Written by a practising herbalist with a high street clinic, it covers everything you need to know to become truly self sufficient in creating and dispensing your own herbal medicine. [ Read more ]

Vicki Pitman's Aromatherapy book is now published!

Aromatherapy - A Practical Approach (Second Edition) - Vicki Pitman

From the back cover: "This comprehensive guide to aromatherapy provides thorough coverage for students and is also an excellent reference for practitioners. It includes all the information required by students training on aromatherapy courses accredited to Levels 3 or 4."

If you'd like a copy, click here to buy from Amazon (or you can order one from an independent bookshop).

Focus on your health: Consult a herbal practitioner

Explore more fully what you can gain from a consultation with a herbalist at

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