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Classical Herbalist John E. Smith’s New Book Discusses the Power and Tradition of Herbs

100 Herbs of Power is an influential read detailing the traditional and medicinal uses of herbs for healing in a world where natural solutions are often overlooked.
Author John E. Smith sees a world that has a lot of potential for harmony and beauty, and yet also a lot of discord and things that make little sense in terms of universal betterment.
"If I can make the tiniest difference, that’s great,” Smith said.
And the difference that Smith has made is the writing of his new book 100 Herbs of Power. In this potent work, he describes the rich, colorful history and traditional uses of medicinal herbs from numerous cultures around the globe. He outlines the potential of these powerful herbs in a world where science often overshadows common sense.
This influential book is a must read!

Publisher’s website:

About the Author:
John E. Smith, B.A. (Hons) M: URHP. Dip C.H. is a classical herbalist who has worked and studied throughout Europe, the United States, China, India, Australia, the South Pacific and the Middle East. His interest in traditional systems of healing has inspired this multi-cultural approach to herbal medicine.
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Book Suggestion: 'Herbal' novels by Susan Wittig Albert

A book suggestion for those who like a good novel, but also want to read herb related subjects.

The USA author Susan Wittig Albert has written a series of 'herbal' novels. With titles such as Wormwood, Nightshade and Thyme of Death, they are what could be termed as 'cosy' detectives, with the main character a herb shop owner, she grows herbs, teaches herb workshops and has a shop full of herbal remedies, cosmetic herbs, etc. There is usually a murder in the town and she is the amateur sleuth.

They're very entertaining and many are available on kindle as well as paperback.

Best wishes,
Dawn Ireland
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