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URHP & AMH Summer Gathering 2023
JULY 7TH - 9TH 2023
The Purley Chase Centre, Atherstone, CV9 2RQ

"Celebrating our Unity and Powerful Future"

A Conference for Qualified Herbalists & Herbal Students

We are excited to announce this year's joint URHP & AMH summer conference. A celebration of our herbal families from our historical roots to the present day and our future together in our communities.

An opportunity to meet new and old friends, informative and inspirational talks, market stalls, herbal walks, fire ceremony and a forum together with the People’s Health Alliance, exchanging creative visions and action in our fields of wellness and health care. This is an opportunity to learn and share from the wealth of wisdom, knowledge and experience in our herbal community. The conference begins from Friday 4pm and finishes after lunch on Sunday at 2pm.

There is NO conference fee as this is being paid by the URHP & AMH conference fund, however please contact the UHRP registrar Wendy MacKinnon at to book your conference place. As places may be limited at Purley Chase, we are advising members to book before the end of March.

If you are staying at Purley Chase then book directly with them for accommodation and meals. Deposits are paid also directly to Purley Chase whether you are a day delegate (£10 deposit) or staying for one night or the whole weekend (£40 deposit). Please book here

Any members wishing to display herbal goods / books at the conference, please contact Alicia at

Yellow Flags – Waving or Drowning?

Recognising and decoding the signals of distress are an important part of our work as herbalists. Sometimes it may be that beliefs, perspectives and life experiences can become obstacles to wellbeing. The yellow flag model can help us to spot these obstacles, reframe them, and help to empower people to overcome them.

In this presentation we will explore the origins and development of the yellow flag system, consider ways that it might be relevant to herbal practice, and maybe work together and share our experiences to see if we could use it as a way to empower ourselves and herbal medicine.

Phil Deakin - BSc (Sheffield and Lincoln) MB ChB MNIMH MCPP MURHP

Phil DeakinPhil's route to herbal practice has encompassed work as a doctor in hospitals, primary care and unscheduled care settings. Although he now identifies as a herbalist, his experiences in conventional healthcare have equipped him to reference a number of perspectives when supporting people with their health and wellbeing as a herbal practitioner.

The Heart of the Matter

The integrative herbal medicine treatment of the cardiovascular system with the focus on high blood pressure.

Dr. Edward Thompson - MB ChB, MA, MRCGP, MF Hom, MARH, FURHP, MBRCP, Dip BSLM

Dr Edward ThompsonDr Edward Thompson is a GP Partner in Cumbria with an expertise in Integrated Medicine. He teaches at the Leicester and Lancaster Medical Schools.

He graduated from St Andrews University with an Arts Degree (MA) in 1990 and then studied Homeopathy at the College of Homeopathy (LCH) from 1990 - 1993. He studied herbal medicine completing the East West Course in herbal medicine (EWCH) in 1994, and completed the Ayurvedic Medicine Studies Program at the Ayurvedic Institute in Albuquerque USA in 1994. He studied Chinese herbal medicine with the Renshu College of Chinese Medicine (Dip CHM) qualifying in 2000, as well as acupuncture at The Southwest College of Oriental Medicine (Dip. Ac.) from which he qualified in 1998. He also completed further herbal medicine modules at Westminster University from 1999-2002. He graduated from Leicester Medical School (MB ChB) in 2007 and completed his GP training in 2012 and gained a Diploma in Lifestyle Medicine in 2020 (Dip. BSLM).

He is a member of the Royal College of General Practitioners (MRCGP), the Faculty of Homeopathy (MF Hom), the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (MARH), the British Register of Complementary practitioners (MBRCP), and is a fellow of the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners (FURHP).

Meditation & Gregorian Chant

Rumana Zahn

Dr Edward ThompsonRumana's early career as a microbiologist led her to explore the use of natural medicines in restoring health. Trained as a herbalist, naturopath, homeopath, acupuncturist, iridologist, kinesiologist and yoga teacher and now with over 30 years' experience in clinical practice she is Director at Clinic Naturae, a member of the board at the Herbal Alliance, former Chair and council member to the Association of Master Herbalists and teaches in the UK and internationally. Her keen interest in research has led her to publish her work in major journals of medicine. Practicing in the vibrant city of Newcastle upon Tyne, Rumana also enjoys yoga, meditation and chi gong as well as dancing Argentine tango and singing in a Gregorian chant choir.

Introduction to Ayurvedic Alchemy

Andrew Mason

Andrew MasonAndrew Mason is a resident of the UK and a practical lecturer who travels worldwide.

His expertise lies in Āyurveda and Rasa Shāstra, ancient medical systems deeply rooted in herbo-metallic-mineral preparations. Currently, his focus revolves around cataloguing the practices of these ancient medical systems. Fascinatingly, he has authored four comprehensive volumes, delving into the intricacies of these techniques. These volumes offer a unique glimpse into the elusive world of Rasa Shāstra, a practice seldom witnessed beyond the realms of India and Sri Lanka.

The purpose of this talk is to introduce Indian Alchemy. This enlightening exploration encompasses the purifying and preparing processes involving peacock feathers, copper pyrite, and garnet. Furthermore, he presents finished remedies such as Lakshadhi Guggulu and Sitopaladhi churna. This rare opportunity not only unveils the art of crafting alchemical medicines but also provides valuable insights into this remarkable and secretive method of remedy making.

Speaker for our Forum

Amanda Dungate

Amanda DungateAmanda is a founding member of PHA and has been in the health and wellness space for the past 8 years, since her eldest daughter suffered with chronic asthma as a toddler. Once she found homeopathy, she was amazed at how quickly the health of her daughter improved. It opened up a whole new world for her and she went on to become a reflexologist, running a business predominantly focused on supporting women with fertility struggles.

Amanda's role within PHA is overseeing operations at the core level, coordinating the projects that are currently moving forward, as well as looking at future areas for development. She has a background in business analysis and office management and loves to organise.

Hildegard of Bingen The Herbalist & Healer

Renée Koenders

Renée KoendersRenée Koenders studied herbalism, acupuncture and classical homeopathy in The Netherlands. She is practicing and teaching in these subjects since 1990. In 2013 she received a MSc degree in Herbal Medicine at Westminster University. She made the theory of the 4 nature qualities approachable for students as the foundation for their clinical reasoning. She is one of the founders of the Co-operative Dutch Academy for Nature's Medicine.

During her studies in the energetics of Western Medicine to deepen her understanding of the 4 nature qualities, she studied Hildegard of Bingen in the German language. It puzzled Renée that the information found in Hildegards lore most often diverted from the information from the Roman herbals and the herbals from the 16th century onwards. In this lecture we will explore some of the puzzles, taste some of her medicine, and see how relevant Hildegard of Bingen is for the herbal medicine of today.

Herb Walk - The ark, acts of Restorative Kindness

Barbara Wilkinson

Barbara WilkinsonConsultant Medical Herbalist and Naturopath, Trustee, Ambassador Co-ordinator and Instagram host for the Society.

Barbara previously worked in the hotel and catering industry, before pursuing a life-long interest in health and nutrition. She qualified as a Consultant Medical Herbalist in 2012, becoming a member of the Unified Register of Herbal Practitioners, and the College of Medicine and Integrated Health.

Barbara is a third-generation herbalist and runs The Springfield Clinic of Natural Healing in Cheshire. She is an advocate of cultivating the use of plants in everyday life and keen to empower people with the confidence to embrace food as medicine.

As well as running her own practice, Barbara has been a Trustee for The Herb Society since 2014 and has appeared as a guest speaker at numerous events and conferences. She has had an allotment for over 28 years, where she grows both food and medicine.

Barbara has worked on behalf of The Herb Society to design gardens for the RHS Flower Show Tatton Park. In 2018, she appeared in the BBC's coverage of the RHS Flower Show, as part of a special segment looking at fermented foods.

Barbara attended Malvern Three Counties Show in 2019, where she was a guest speaker on the Women for Wellbeing Forum and Herbs for Health with Horticulturist Alys Fowler. Barbara also demonstrated in the Food Theatre at Malvern, alongside names such as Mark Diacono and Jean-Christophe Novelli.

At each of the shows she has worked very closely with Hooks Green Herbs and other herbal nurseries that are members of the Society. She has also appeared with Jon Wheatley on Gardeners’ Question Time at RHS and Malvern show and was a guest speaker at Southport Flower Show 2022.

Following RHS Tatton 2022, Barbara was invited to feature on Lymm Radio, where she discusses all things herbal in a monthly segment.

Barbara's expertise was recognised by Horticulturist Alys Fowler, who approached Barbara for support during the production of her book A Modern Herbal (2019).

Herb walks, workshops and events are a passion Barbara shares with many. She can often be founded teaching foraging and the joy of herbs throughout the seasons, in Physic gardens, private gardens, and community spaces across the North West.

Having been a member and supporter of the Society for many years, Barbara is a champion of all it strives to achieve and feels a strong affinity to its founder Hilda Leyel, whose values and beliefs align with Barbara’s own.

Being passionate about the education of traditional medicine for all life on earth, Barbara spreads the word about the importance of herbs, and believes they are our past, present and future.

Outdoor Fire Ceremony

Jo Glover

Jo Glover"This moment is all there is"

I live in a beautiful canal village in the midlands and have been waiting for a unit to be ready in the marina to practice from. My life, until about 8 years ago, was one without any knowledge of the magic of plants or indeed anything of an esoteric nature and now seems particularly grey. I am interested in colouring in those gaps and expanding my spiritual self; encouraging others to come along and experience the wonder too.

I am a member of the AMH council.

Herbal Blessings

Fire Ceremony by Jo Glover

I went to the woods
And became aware of myself
As I walked alone
I watched the untested parts of myself Awaken,
And heard my inner voice
Alive and true.
And I built a bridge across ...
I welcomed the bright sureness of my instincts,
Followed the stirrings of my intuition,
Reached out with my heart to touch the trees around me,
I went to the woods and Time slipped ... And in that moment
I was at One with all of the life around me.
I became aware of myself as part of this wonder ...
And the trees seemed to stir, And welcomed me in ...

- Walking With Trees by Glennie Kindred

This ceremony is about connection with ourselves, our hearts and each other. What to discard, what to give thanks for and future intentions.

I have chosen three plants that grow in the British Isles, because their roots are here as ours are here. We will give these to Fire as offerings; Hawthorn, Alder and Mugwort. Hawthorn and Alder are portals into the faerie world, they open our hearts to the Wild Spirit of Nature and of Ourselves. Mugwort helps us to transcend and protects.

Hawthorn: For connection to your heart, the lifegiving blood coursing through your veins and the emotion of love. Give thanks.

Alder: For rebirth and transformation. 'Strong and the battle-witch of all woods.' Bringing inner and outer balance. Give release.

Mugwort: For inner vision, clear sight and an energy shift. Give intention.

There will be sharing and connection. It is up to you if you share out loud or to yourself.

Please do not bring alcohol to the ceremony (afterwards is of course fine) and be aware of flammable, dangling clothing when you approach Fire. It is respectful to all if you do not leave during the ceremony.

Thanks go to the sagacity of authors Josh Williams, Elisabeth Brookes, Jo Dunbar, Paul Beyerl and Glennie Kindred.